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  1. Curvalicious Workout Review

    May 22, 2012 by

    Curvalicious Workout Review

    curvalicious workoutFlavia Del Monte has just released her newest workout program for women called Curvalicious. This is her latest Flavilicious Fitness program made to help you get the flawless female figure you want and desire. If you already know and love Flavia’s stuff you can check out the Curvalicious Workout Here, or read on for my sneak peak review.

    If you haven’t heard of Flavia Del Monte it’s probably because she is not one of those TV fad fitness personalities that comes and goes with the wind. Flavia is a certified personal trainer, registered nurse, and has a certification in Precision Nutrition as well.

    She has been involved in fitness for a number of years and is married to Vince Del Monte who has many top selling men’s fitness and muscle building programs as well. Both Vince and Flavia have also been on the covers of many well known fitness magazines.

    Photo shoots and husbands are not what make a program good, it’s what’s inside. I got to check out the full Curvalicious Workout program first hand and can tell you if your looking to really reshape your body then this is exactly what you want.

    Women need training programs that are geared towards their specific physical and biological needs and this is where Flavia excels, her first program, Full Body Licious was a big success simply because it helped answer a question that most programs did not, how to get a toned, feminine, shapely body if your a female.

    Her new product Curvalicious takes it to a whole new level. This program includes everything to not just get you beach ready but go beyond what you probably thought possible. She teaches not just the burn fat and get smaller stuff but also the important, shape, tone and look gorgeous part of weight training and muscle building.

    Yes, I did say muscle building and no that does not mean looking like a man. Women now more then ever are finally realizing that muscle, done right, is way more sexy then simply skinny with no shape. This is where Flavia’s Curvalicious comes in.

    This is a 12 week toning workout to help really sculpt you body. Here is whats inside the Curvalicious Workout, you start with a 5 day workout program that includes a home and gym routine.

    • Video 1 – Luscious Legs, this workout is all about the lower body. Flavia gives you a couple of great circuits to really bring out the best in your legs.
    • Video 2 – Tummy Tightner, this circuit will help you not just get a flat stomach but a strong stomach that shows the definition that will turn heads.
    • Video 3 – Amazing Arms, geared towards giving you sleek and shapely muscles that look great in a sleeveless dress, tank top or bikini.
    • Video 4 – Better Back and Strong Shoulders, The shape of your back and shoulders are what really help define your over all shape. Nicely rounded shoulders with a v shaped back will add that taper to your body that screams sexy.
    • Video 5 – Bombshell Booty, This is not just about losing fat but giving lift and shape that will make anything you wear look that much better. Nothing attracts more attention then a well shaped back side!


    I have watched these videos and they are not only packed with great routines but Flavia gives a full explanation of all the hows and whys of the exercises you will be performing. You get circuits that will help you shape and tone while burning maximum amounts of fat and raising your metabolism to keep burning fat long after you finish your workout. The videos are super easy to follow and you get variations for beginners all the way up to advanced so you will constantly be challenged as your fitness level grows.

    There is a lot more to the Curvalicious Workout program then workout videos as well. You will also get the following with your package:

    A Workout Manual

    Nutrition Manual

    Workout Sheets and Exercise Descriptions with Pictures

    Supplement Guide

    Warm UP And Stretching Guide

    and some other bonuses

    Bottom line is this program has you covered soup to nuts as far as getting the hottest body possible. The only thing you will have to do is put in the work and yes, you will actually have to work. If you really want a head turning, eye popping body it WILL NOT come in a bottle, a 3 minute workout or a fad diet. If that is what you came looking for then this is so not for you. But if your done with all the B.S. and ready to work for and earn your body then the Curvalicious Workout program will give you some amazing results.

    Flavia has a great line she likes to use and it’s that you don’t get a body like hers by training like a girl. What that means is you have to be willing to work hard, sweat, and lift something other then a pink weight. Your not going to find a more comprehensive female fitness workout without getting an expensive personal trainer that will cost you thousands, and even then it’s up in the air. I have seen many trainers that simply don’t know what they are doing and get no results for their clients.

    My recommendation is to take control of your own physical well being and check out the Curvalicious Workout now. If you do I would love for you to come back and leave a comment because after going through the program I know your going to see results. The ball is in your court, so what will you do?



  2. Flavilicious Fitness FULL-BODY-LICIOUS Review And Bonuses!

    April 25, 2011 by

    Flavilicious Fitness FULL-BODY-LICIOUS Review And Bonuses!


    Important Update Check Out This Page For A 3 Day Sale On The Hard Copy DVD Set of Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious Program. Click Here Before The Sale Ends

    The time is almost here for the release of Full Body Licious, the first program released by Flavia Del Monte of Flavilicious Fitness. This is looking like it will be one of the hottest launches of a womens fitness product in a long time, and with good reasons.

    Read this full review before you check out the product to find out how you can get in on a Huge bonus that Flavia is offering for fast action takers. First though, lets look at what makes this product so special and why, if you really want to get in the best shape of your life, you should get it.

    The first thing that really makes this program shine is the Full Body Licious workouts are geared specifically towards women. This is very rare, most people release product that is generic, can appeal to both sexes and so will sell more unit became now you have both guys and gals looking to buy.  Flavia  Del Monte saw a flaw in most products and the way women in general were training and with that Flavilicious Fitness was born. I have seen the workouts first hand and can tell you this is a whole different approach to Female training and the science shows it WILL work. Flavia Del Monte is not just a fitness model plugging a new product or a famous celebrity using their looks to promote a product. She is a Registered nurse, Certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist from one of the most prestigious programs in the world, Precision Nutrition created by Dr. John Berardi and Ryan Andrews (MS, MA, RD).

    These are very high quality videos with easy to follow instruction. The music is great for working out and will really set the tempo for the exercises you will be doing. Flavia does an excellent job of explaining not just the how, but also the why for each of the exercises. Once you watch the first video it’s easy to see she is not just another pretty face and she knows her stuff.

    Now you must be warned in advance, this is not some cheesy program with bold claims that will only leave you falling short of your goals. This is about hard work for real results. Don’t plan on going to the gym and then being ready to go out right after, your going to sweat. Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious workouts are meant to burn fat, build muscle while raising your metabolism.

    Now for the bonus! Flaiva has dropped her body fat from 18% to 13.4% in 10 weeks. She did this using a diet she calls the Deadline Diet. She will be releasing this as a stand alone product in a few months but, You can get the Deadline Diet absolutely FREE if you order the Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious program before Midnight, Tuesday April 26th. Bottom line is if your REALLY ready to make a change and your done trying and failing with all the pills and other crap on the market you need to check out Flavilicious Fitness FULL-BODY-LICIOUS. After you have tried the program I would love to hear your comments so come back and let us know what you think!

    More About The Deadline Diet Below!

    Order Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious Here

  3. Sneak Peak At The FULL-BODY-LICIOUS WORKOUTS From Flavilicious Fitness

    April 23, 2011 by

    So with all the different talk about what your doing wrong and what to do right the next logical step is putting it all together. Flavia Del Monte is releasing an all out complete program for any woman that’s serious about getting fit and it’s coming April 26, 2011 . Mark that date because it could very well be the beginning of you finally attaining that flawless female figure that will turn heads everywhere you go. Full Body Licious is a workout like nothing you have ever seen. I have actually just seen a special sneak preview of the first workout, day 1 and am very impressed.

    Ladies be warned, the Full Body Licious workout is not a walk in the park (or on the treadmill). This program means hard, blood pumping, body sweating, muscle building  and fat burning training that will NOT be easy. On the other hand, as you start to see your body change it will be well worth it. You will look better and feel better in no time. Watch the video below as Flavia herself explains a little more about each workout and what it can do for you.

    As you can see Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious is a program for women who truly want a firm, flawless figure and are willing to work for it. Are you up for the challenge? If your ready to take it to the next level and have everyone drooling and dropping their jaw when you pass them by this summer visit Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious on April 26th to get started right away!

  4. Flavia Del Monte’s F.O.R.C.E. Formula For Flavilicious Fitness

    April 21, 2011 by

    In the last post, Flavilicious Fitness #1 Reason You’ll Never Attain A Flawless Figure, I put up a video from Flavia Del Monte explaining why it’s so hard for women to reach their fitness goals whether it be to simply lose weight or tone up. Today Flavia is going to give you a break down of how Flavilicious Fitness and the up coming Full Body Licious program is going to change all that through hard work and real science. This is another no holds barred video outlining Flavia’s F.O.R.C.E formula. F.O.R.C.E stands for the following

    F. -Full Body Workout
    O. -Organized Overload Workout
    R. – Radical and Rapid Movements for Rapid Results
    C. – Challenging Cardio-Core Workouts
    E. – Exceeding your Expectations with Extreme Metabolic “Disturbance and Debt”

    Now you may be wondering what all that means in terms of getting in shape. The best thing is to let Flavia describe it for you in her latest video so check out the video below.

    Personally I am loving everything Flavia is doing with Flavilicious Fitness. There really is so much unhealthy crap around and so many people still buying in to it. The truth is you don’t need most of what you will read about in the magazines. The crash diets will only screw up your system, the pills are nothing but foreign chemicals that can also do more damage then good. This all natural, hard work process of building a better body is not just going to help people look great but they will become healthier as well.

    Don’t forget the Full Body Licious program is coming out soon so there are some great free gifts that Flavia is giving out right now. Get your FREE report, recipes, and workout by going to Flavilicious Fitness Full Body Licious while they are still up and free!

  5. Flavilicious Fitness #1 Reason You’ll Never Attain A Flawless Figure

    April 19, 2011 by

    Flavia Del Monte is a woman on a mission. She has been in the health and fitness industry for years as a registered nurse, personal trainer and most recently she has become a certified nutritionist through Precision Nutrition. She has recently launched Flavilicious Fitness to help women around the world learn the proper way to get the body they desire by cutting through all the crap.

    If you look at Flavia you can see she has a very toned, tight, muscular body that is also still very much feminine. She is at about 13% body fat which is simply an amazing accomplishment for any women. With that being said she attained her goals through one thing. It’s not a special supplement, not a magic machine from an infomercial, it’s from hard work. It sounds simple enough but so many women are told so much crappy information that the basic truth is you need to work hard to get your body hard. Proper training and diet are all you will ever need to get the body you desire. Check out this awesome video below where Flavia

    As you can see there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to weight loss and female fitness. Flavia Del Monte set up Flavilicious Fitness to help educate women so they don’t fall into these weight loss traps and finally start achieving their fitness goals. For some more great information check out Flavilicious Fitness Exposes 5 Big FAT Female Fitness Myths where you can get a FREE 30 page report that is really eye opening. You can also get a great Workout routine by going to Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout. This workout will get your blood pumping and help you start building lean muscle while burning off unwanted fat.


  6. Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout

    April 13, 2011 by

    Flavia DelMonte has come up with another amazing freebie  for the lady’s its the Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout! This program is especially designed for the lady’s and has some great stuff inside. The routine is pretty intense but if you want results, no matter what the pill and potion companies tell you, then your going to have to put the work in. A great quote from Flavia DelMonte is “You don’t get a body like this ( meaning hers) by training like a girl”.

    Let’s face it, how many times have you seen women (as well as men) in the gym doing the same thing over and over. Have you noticed they never look any different. Countless times you will see women doing a full weight training circuit without even breaking a sweat. Down the road these same people will either stop or at the very least still look exactly the same as when they started. So the first thing you need to get in your head is that this IS going to be a bit of hard work but if you want to look like a fitness model, you need to train like one.

    The Free workout that Flavia Delmonte is offering is a great example of how to get an intense full body workout that will produce results. What you are doing is working your whole body in approx. 5 minutes. The goal is to do up to 5 of these sets with about a minute rest in between each set so once you get the workout down it should take about 30 minutes. The workout is also set up to keep your heart rate up so not only are you working every muscle group in your body but you are burning fat as well.

    This is not going to make you look bulky or manly, just look at Flavia, but it will define your muscles and give you a body that will turn heads everywhere you go. It’s amazing how many women are still afraid weight training is only going to build a bulky body. The truth is if you want to reshape your body the best and only way is through some sort of resistance training. Flavia DelMonte is the perfect example of this as she is now at 13.5% body fat, very rippped yet still very feminine.

    Check out the Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout and give it a shot. It’s totally free and you will love the results you get if you give it an honest try.

  7. Flavilicious Fitness Exposes 5 Big FAT Female Fitness Myths

    April 12, 2011 by

    Flavilicious Fitness Exposes 5 Big FAT Female Fitness Myths


    Are you a female and finding it tough to get that lean, strong and head-turning physique? More then likely it’s probably because you’re falling for one of these big FAT female fitness myths.

    There is a peson you may or may not have heard of who EXPOSES the truth and nothing but the truth. She has been in the health and fitness industry for years is ready to reveal what she has learned to help you get the body you want, without going to ridiculous extremes.

    Flavilicious Fitness Exposes 5 Big FAT Female Fitness Myths <== click here

    At the above site you’re going to meet the one and only Flavia Del Monte whom is a Registered Nurse, Certified Trainer & holds a Masters Level Nutrition Certification Degree.

    Just recently Flavia Del Monte brought her own body fat down to 13.5%, without doing anything extreme, for a photo shoot for theworlds’ most popular fitness magazine!  (13.5% is the equivalent of 6% body fat on a male FYI.. wow!)

    Now, for zero pennies, Flavia is HANDING YOU the TRUTH to 5 female fitness myths that are holding you back from looking and feeling your best. This is a no holds barred report That reveals the truth about fad diets, Cardio and fat loss, Weight training for women, and more. This report is an eye opener fro many women and can put you on the path to success with all your fitness goals.

    Flavia did a special little video for you and also wants to give you two surprise gifts that have to do with the exact recipes and workouts she followed to get her lean
    physique and keep it there! This is the kind of stuff most people would charge you for but Flavia is giving it to you for FREE right now. You’re going to love this!

    P.S. If you pick up the free report before Thursday April 14, 2011 at midnight then she’ll also give you two limited-time bonus gifts that show you how she ate and trained to drop her unwanted fat in just a few short months! Perfect to get ready for Bikinin Season! Watch the Video below and then click here to get the 30 page report ===> Get Flavilicious Fitness Exposes 5 Big FAT Female Fitness Myths


  8. Welcome To Flavilicious Fitness Dot Com

    April 11, 2011 by

    Flavilicious Fitness Information Coming Soon