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Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout

April 13, 2011 by

Flavia DelMonte has come up with another amazing freebieĀ  for the lady’s its the Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout! This program is especially designed for the lady’s and has some great stuff inside. The routine is pretty intense but if you want results, no matter what the pill and potion companies tell you, then your going to have to put the work in. A great quote from Flavia DelMonte is “You don’t get a body like this ( meaning hers) by training like a girl”.

Let’s face it, how many times have you seen women (as well as men) in the gym doing the same thing over and over. Have you noticed they never look any different. Countless times you will see women doing a full weight training circuit without even breaking a sweat. Down the road these same people will either stop or at the very least still look exactly the same as when they started. So the first thing you need to get in your head is that this IS going to be a bit of hard work but if you want to look like a fitness model, you need to train like one.

The Free workout that Flavia Delmonte is offering is a great example of how to get an intense full body workout that will produce results. What you are doing is working your whole body in approx. 5 minutes. The goal is to do up to 5 of these sets with about a minute rest in between each set so once you get the workout down it should take about 30 minutes. The workout is also set up to keep your heart rate up so not only are you working every muscle group in your body but you are burning fat as well.

This is not going to make you look bulky or manly, just look at Flavia, but it will define your muscles and give you a body that will turn heads everywhere you go. It’s amazing how many women are still afraid weight training is only going to build a bulky body. The truth is if you want to reshape your body the best and only way is through some sort of resistance training. Flavia DelMonte is the perfect example of this as she is now at 13.5% body fat, very rippped yet still very feminine.

Check out the Flavilicious Fitness Free 5 Minute Full Body Fury Workout and give it a shot. It’s totally free and you will love the results you get if you give it an honest try.

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